We encounter contracts nearly every day in our personal lives and when running businesses when services are exchanged. Marcia at MFP LAW LLC is an experienced contract attorney. She creates contracts, reviews contracts, negotiates contracts, and her experience litigating contracts helps her draft contracts that are precise and unambiguous. Whether you need a contract or  have a contract and need help understanding it or help negotiating terms within it, contact Marcia at MFP LAW LLC for a free consultation today.

Partnership Agreements, Shareholder Agreements, Membership Agreements

A lot of new and seasoned businesses do not have written partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, or membership agreements in place for a variety of reasons. The agreements are often oral and are not reduced to writing when business is running smoothly. It is when partners, shareholders, or members disagree about operations or how business finances are to be handled that these agreements matter most. The best time to establish these agreements are when you start your business, but they can be adopted and modified at any point during the life of your business. Contact Marcia at MFP LAW LLC today for a free consultation to discuss your owner agreements and best practices.

Bylaws and Operating Agreements

Corporations are governed by their Bylaws and Limited Liability Companies are governed by their Operating Agreements. Like owner agreements, a lot of new and seasoned businesses do not have written Bylaws or Operating Agreements for a variety of reasons. When a business does not have these documents in place, there are state statutes, often referred to as default rules, that outline how your business should operate and keep its records and books. The default rules provide businesses with essentially the bare minimum requirements for how to govern your business and they often do not account for the complex operations of business both small and large. Contact Marcia at MFP LAW LLC today to discuss creating or updating your company's Bylaws or Operating Agreements.

Employment Contracts

A lot of businesses have employees, and it is good practice to have written employment agreements in place to clearly outline the employer and employee relationship. These agreements can also include provisions such as non-compete clauses and non-solicitation clauses to protect a business when an employee leaves. Contact Marcia at MFP LAW LLC to discuss your employment contract needs. 

Business Contracts

Marcia is experienced in contract creation, review, and negotiation. She can help you craft a custom agreement from scratch or modify an existing contract to align with current best practices. Whether you have a service agreement, vender agreement, or licensing agreement that needs creating or review, Marcia can help you with your contract needs. Contact Marcia at MFP LAW LLC today.